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The enchanting The Bowes Museum, a remarkable purpose built French château in the vibrant market town of Barnard Castle in the midst of Teesdale, housing outstanding collections of European fine and decorative art, the most famous of which is perhaps the life-size silver swan automaton, made in London in about 1773 by James Cox, will be hosting the next Galloway Antiques & Fine Art Fair from 26-27 April 2014.

Organiser Susan Galloway will be welcoming some interesting new exhibitors for this popular event including furniture dealer Melody's Antiques of Chester and general dealer Malcolm Eglin of Northumberland alongside Art Of The Imagination from Wiltshire and Antiques By Design from Staffordshire.

Art of the Imagination will show works of art by Steve Hutton who designed the characters for the film 'The Golden Compass'. Art of the Imagination will be showing original illustrations from his forthcoming book 'The Wildhood Witches'.

Antiques By Design is a father and daughter duo, Barry & Narissa Mather who between them have over 40 years experience in antiques. Narissa Mather is a silver and goldsmith who creates unique, bespoke pieces using traditional metalworking techniques such as forging, raising and stone setting. Texture is important in her work, this achieved by using specialised hammers, engraving and experimenting with fusing silver at high temperatures. Narissa studied Three Dimensional Design at Wolverhampton University often incorporating metal work with other materials such as glass which she still continues to do.

Her work has won awards and has been featured in many publications. Narissa has exhibited throughout the UK and has in the past worked with the National Portrait Gallery producing a range based on aspects of the collection.

With returning regular attractions in the form of jewellery dealers Scarab Antiques and Billy Rae, silver specialists Highland Antiques and Christine Thom of Perthshire with fine art from Plumbs' Fine Art. Other items for sale will include antiquarian maps and prints, oriental carpets, mirrors and lighting.

Art of the Imagination:

An image of 'Celeste' by Steve Hutton

Narissa Mather of Antiques By Design Bespoke silverware of a Dragonfly scent bottle. Handblown, double cased amethyst glass made in Stourbridge with a sterling silver dragonfly hand forged from flatware, then hand engraved and carved set with amethysts. Priced at £760

For times and tickets see Galloway Antiques Fairs website via TRADE INDEX

The sale of a decorated helmet that rested for centuries above a tomb in Wootton St Lawrence church in Hampshire has been blocked by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Appeal Court.

The Wootton St Lawrence Armet is a helmet dating from about 1500 and converted to funeral monument use in England in 1677. This church helmet is of considerable importance - both as an example of the type of armet used in England in the late 15th century and as the single best preserved example of the polychrome funerary painting which most of these helmets had in the 17th century, but which few retain now.

The helmet – believed to be of Flemish manufacture - previously hung over a bracket in the church and is associated with the monument of Sir Thomas Hooke, who died in 1677. It was on loan to the Royal Armouries for over 30 years and the museum bid for it, unsuccessfully, at public auction in 2011. The sale was followed by an internal legal review, within the Church of England. The Royal Armouries has welcomed the appeal judgment in the Court of Arches preventing the sale of an armet from Wootton St Lawrence church, near Basingstoke in Hampshire.

Deputy Master of the Royal Armouries, Dr Thom Richardson, told Antiques News & Fairs: “This armet and the many other helmets preserved in English churches form a highly important part of our nation’s heritage, in particular because they provide almost the only surviving examples of armour worn in England before the 16th century.

The judgment in the Wootton St Lawrence case will hopefully help to close the floodgates for other parishes seeking to turn the armour in their care into cash. When such helmets appear on the art market they are almost universally sold abroad."

We regret to announce the death on 10 April, 2014, of Josephine Clare Alderson, known as Clare, formerly of Bath, where she had a shop called Josephine Antiques.

The funeral will take place on Wednesday 23 April 2014 at 2pm at St Mary The Virgin, Marshfield, South Gloucestershire.

It seems that the strong market in Chinese antiques is here to stay after last Tuesday’s sale in Sotheby’s in Hong Kong when a small three inch cup sold for a whopping HK$250m (£21.5m).

The 15th Century cup is one of only nineteen known examples of a “chicken cup” which is decorated with a cockerel and his family. It is believed that the Chenghua Emperor gave the cups to his favourite concubine.

“It is the fantasy of all great collectors," said Sotheby's Nicholas Chow of the coveted cup "There is nothing greater, nothing.”

The buyer is rumoured to be Shanghai businessman Liu Yiqian who made his wealth trading stocks and already owns two private museums. This sale just proves that the market is still strong in the Chinese collecting area with the cup selling for ten times its price when it last sold fifteen years ago.
Credit: Regular contributor George Johnson

The leader of the 200-member strong Mosaic Miami Church, Pastor Kevin Sutherland has been found guilty of selling fake works by British artist Damien Hirst.

In a police sting in 2013 the pastor attempted to sell five fake Hirst paintings to an undercover police officer. The whole scam came to light when Sutherland's works, said to be by Hirst, were rejected by Sotheby's New York. The auction house told Sutherland that the artist's company Science Ltd., which authenticates his work, had issues with the art and urged him to contact them in London. At this time Hirst's assistants also informed the district attorney's office.

When a New York Art dealer negotiated to purchase the artworks for $185,000 (£110,631), Sutherland told him there were no issues with authenticity. However, unbeknown to Sutherland the dealer was in fact a member of the New York police department.

During the time of the investigation, a separate enquiry into into a suspected Hirst forger named Vincent Lopreto in Manhattan Beach, California, had been instigated by the Manhattan District Attorney. The forger, Lopreto, who had allegedly sold his fake on Ebay, was known to have already served time for art fraud in California, and in return for testifying against Sutherland received a lighter sentence in January 2014.

A jury at the State Supreme Court in Manhattan found Sutherland guilty of second degree attempted grand larceny and he will be sentenced in May 2014, and it is thought he could find himself behind bars for around seven years

Credit: Regular contributor George Johnson
For those of you who have been glued to BBC TV The Three Muskateers recently, you now have the chance to own an antique object with connections to one of the characters featured in the famous adventures.

It is not often that a 17thC stone garden seat comes up for sale, and rarer still when it has a provenance connected to the world's earliest prime minister, Cardinal Richelieu, noble, statesman and collector, and famously the anti-hero in Alexander Dumas book The Three Musketeers.

In the 1600s His Eminence built a mansion, the Chateau du Rueil outside Paris, which had fabulous gardens with parterres, vistas, avenues, fountains, and a 20ft long limestone bench. When Richelieu died his niece Marie Madeleine de Vignerot, Duchess of Aiguillon, inherited the estate, and it was then that the young Louis XIV and his courtiers came to stay during turbulent times in Paris. The Peace of Rueil was signed there in 1649 which resolved the conflict between powerful and belligerent French nobles and the natural power of the French monarchy.

Here in the 21stC BCA Antique Materials have posted the bench for sale on the leading architectural antiques web site Salvo Web with the following tempting description:

For Sale: Cardinal Richelieu's C17th antique French limestone bench with known provenance, one of the few surviving elements of the lavish parks and water gardens created in the C17th at the Château de Reul initially from 1606 to 1620 by Jean de Moisset (an important financier of Henri IV) and subsequently by the Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) under Louis XIII's reign. This bench is one of the last vestiges of the château and water gardens (pre-dating Versailles park and water gardens), but demolished and sub-divided after the French Revolution by the Maréchal Massena. It has come through 350 years outdoors in remarkable condition.

The bench is available to view at at BCA's Maine & Loire premises at L'Hotellerie-de-Flée.

From regular contributor Geroge Johnson
What was the first important meeting the President of the United States, Barack Obama, had during his visit to The Netherlands? Indeed he joined up with Rembrandt.

Whom else did President Obama meet with at the Nuclear Safety Summit 2014? Indeed, Mondriaan!

Luckily both master pieces shown here are genuine. But just imagine if they weren’t.... What would that mean?!

At the Authentication in Art Congress, coming up 7-9 May 2014 in The Hague, not only the works of Rembrandt and Mondriaan will be addressed but also Leonardo, Van Gogh, Pollock and many other great Masters.

The AiA Congress is the Summit for the international Art Industry, which aims to present a final declaration addressing guidelines and protocols. Follow the links for the programme of events and to register:
Congress Programme
Congress Registration
Credit: Regular contributor George Johnson

The crowds will be out for the Easter IACF Ardingly International Antiques & Collectors Fair 15-16 April 2014 just a couple of days before Easter.

With its convenient links to the capital, the Ardingly is a cosmopolitan antiques event located near some of the best antiques shopping towns in the UK. With around 1,700 stalls the event has developed an accent on the decorative end of the market in addition to plenty of the traditional antiques, vintage and collectibles which make this mid-week event so popular.

For tickets, times and more information see IACF Ltd website via TRADE INDEX

Silver dealer Michael Baggott has demonstrated his keen eye yet again by spotting a silver marrow spoon dating back to 1766-68, made by Daniel Henchman/Nathaniel Hurd of Boston, USA which had been mis-described in the sale catalogue as being of ‘Chinese origin’.

Michael managed to bag this unique marrow spoon by beating off some other keen eyed collectors who also spotted the mistake in the description. Describing himself as ‘Indiana Jones’ without the physical action, the silver expert said this find was a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’.

“I spend my days trawling through catalogues across the globe online and go to auctions throughout this country” said Michael, the former head of silver at Sotheby’s, Billingshurst. “Basically I look for something that is not described properly – it’s a rather cutthroat industry with hundreds like me doing the same. We are a bit like Indiana Jones without the running and jumping.

“I saw this spoon and always look at the image – not the description, which can be wrong - as this one was saying it was Chinese. Most British silver is hallmarked but this wasn’t and it falls out of the parameters of a local auctioneer or expert in the street. I bid online against other people who also recognised the mistake and got it but it was still an awful lot of money. I had to fight for it.”

The top of the stem bears the inscription ‘John Wentworth Esq. to Thomas Smith’. John Wentworth was the Governor of New Hampshire from 1766 until the American War of Independence when he was forced to leave for England in 1778.

“The outstretched hand issuing from a dolphin mask sleeve can leave little doubt this was a sincere gift of friendship and respect from a new governor to a much respected elder figure within the state,” Michael said.
“I will be offering it for sale at Antiques for Everyone at the NEC Birmingham from 10-13 April, 2014 £160,000 .

When you put it into its historical context this is a very important discovery in American Colonial silver. It is one of a kind.

It would be lovely if one of the museums in Boston, perhaps the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, would buy it but I don’t know if they have the money.”

At the heart of all things Mid C, glass and ceramics, our friend Mark Hill will be curator of one of the highlights of Antiques for Everyone, at the NEC Birmingham from 10-13 April 2014, with a major exhibition of Czechoslovakian glass which will reveal important new information on exciting discoveries in the history and development of 20th century Skrdlovice studio glass.

The exhibition will unveil the truth behind a fascinating and mysterious area of important 20th century glass design hitherto lost behind the Iron Curtain. It is sure to be of great interest to glass collectors around the world.

Mark explains: ‘Skrdlovice is one of the 20th century’s greatest forgotten glass companies. For decades, the company (pronounced ‘skerd-luv-itz’ah’), was hidden from the world behind the Iron Curtain, and the major contribution it made to 20th century glass design is only now being uncovered and reappraised by design historians and collectors.’

Founded in 1942, in the midst of the Second World War, by the enterprising and talented glassmaster Emanuel Berànek, the company’s earliest designs were produced using waste broken glass, peat to fire the furnaces - and a huge amount
of raw talent and sheer determination. Against all odds, the company survived and flourished under Communist rule in the 1950’s and 60’s, exporting its vast and diverse range of colourful, curving glass across the world as far as Canada, Europe and Australia. From the 1950’s until its demise in 2008, nearly every one of Czechoslovakia’s best and more influential glass designers worked with them including now globally revered names such as Frantisek Vizner.

This groundbreaking exhibition will comprise over one hundred examples, including many unique pieces, which will be displayed together in Britain for the first time.

Following the exhibition, a new book devoted to Skrdlovice studio glass will be published. The book will be titled Skrdlovice & Beranek: Legends of Czech Glass by Robert Bevan-Jones & Jindrich Parik with General Editor Mark Hill. The book will be published by Mark Hill Publishing and limited to 1,000 numbered copies priced at £45 plus postage and packing. The book seems set to become another Mark Hill collectible gem and preview pages will be available at the fair.

A late 1960s-70s ‘Heart’ vase or display object, with internal bubbles, designed by Vladimir Jelinek in 1965, pattern number 6524, 6.25in (16cm) high

A 1960s ‘Red Core’ range vase, designed by Jan Beranek in 1959, pattern number 5988, 12in (30.5cm) high.

Three mid - late 1940s bubbly ‘antique glass’ vases, designed by Emanuel Beranek from 1945-46, pattern numbers 407, 451 and 4633, largest 10.75in (27cm) high

For times and details of the exhibition see Antiques for Everyone web site via TRADE INDEX

Now in its 29th year, Antiques for Everyone at the NEC, Birmingham 10-13 April, 2014, is on course for a new direction this year with the planned changes to datelines in place and something of a migration of decorative and younger dealers keen to try out the fair which is centrally located with easy access and a promise of in excess of 12,000 visitors through the door.

Director Dan Leyland told Antiques News and Fairs: ”With more exhibitors than for some time - 250, and others returning to both sections, we have now turned a corner at Antiques for Everyone. Removing datelines in Section 1 is already encouraging more dealers to join or return and will also broaden the fair’s appeal to collectors of high quality 20th century pieces. We are looking forward to a good year ahead. Many younger buyers and others who grew up in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, are interested in collecting pieces from the evocative post-war period and later art and design. Once at the fair their eyes will also be opened to the wealth of antiques on offer."

Dealers in Mid C collectibles and furniture will be given free reign based on quality not dates with the dateline directives of: Section 1: No dateline but everything of exceptional quality, Section 2: All exhibits pre date 1970. All exhibits in both sections vetted for quality and authenticity.

In common with most fair organisers across the country, owners Clarion Events are keen to attract a young demographic through the door and this elemental change to the vetting and datelines will be a major step in that direction. Last November Antiques for Everyone featured the Antiques Young Guns Pavilion, showcasing the stock of up-and-coming dealers thirty-nine and under from across the country. A number of members of the Antiques Young Gun movement will be exhibiting individually for the April fair including founder Mark Hill, Robbie Timms, Dom Vincent, Keith Richards and Edd in the Clouds and there are plans for another AYG joint pavilion later in the year.

New to the fair this year and a regular at key decorative fairs elsewhere is Damien Green of Sheffield trading as DJ Green antiques who will be taking one of the largest stands in Section 1. Joining him in Section 1 will be Jeroen Markies specialist Art Deco dealer, AYG Edd in the Clouds dealing in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Prisma Gallery, Birmingham, Hungarian Glass and Jonathan Harris Studio Glass of Telford, Shropshire.

Among fifteen new to Section 2 will be Michael Baggott Antiques, Birmingham – fine silver, who will be bringing one of the highlight exhibits to the fair - an American Colonial George III silver marrow spoon attributed to Daniel Henchman/Nathaniel Hurd of Boston, c.1766-68. It is inscribed to the top of the stem: “John Wentworth Esq To Thomas Smith”. Priced at £160,000.

Michael Baggot told us: The only comparable Rococo piece of flatware would be the Riemer Ladle, made by Peter Riemer in New York in 1763 with its cast foliate asymmetric stem, though its ambition to the style is easily surpassed by the superb modelling to the handle of this marrow spoon.

Constant exhibitors key to the fair include Robbie Timms of S & S Timms Antiques, with period formal furniture and accessories, Hampton Antiques peerless boxes and bijouterie, Sue and Alan Poultney of Scarab Antiques with jewellery both precious and exceptional costume pieces and increasingly an alluring collection of Art Deco objects.

There are exhibitors at the NEC who have been loyal since the beginning, including Terry and Marie Kelly who always gather a crowd on the opening day with their wonderful old school style of naive and country furniture and objects.

With virtually no limits on space in the vast auditorium at the NEC, there is room for a stage and theatre style seating for the well attended talks and displays – see our feature on Mark Hill’s exhibition of Czechoslovakian Skrdlovice glass. Antiques experts Mark and Judith Miller will again be taking to the stage to entertain visitors with their keynote talks about all things collectible at the fair.

Another attraction for visitors and exhibitors alike will be the Birmingham Assay Office whose stand will enhance the silver theme at the fair. The Assay Office will be reminding collectors and anyone who has an interest in silver of the many services they provide. In particular, the Office will be promoting their new Help with Hallmarks APP, designed to assist in the identification of specific hallmarks. The App contains useful information relating to hallmarks, and is an invaluable “on the go” tool for phones and tablets.

Hampton Antiques:

A papier mache writing box by Thomas Lane. Inset with a painted pearl glass panel of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland (now famous across the world after
it featured in the Harry Potter film sets). With provenance in the form of it original bill of sale from Thomas Lane, Royal Papier Mache & Patent Pearl Glass Works, of Great
Hampton to her Majesty & HRH Prince Albert Street, November 15th 1848. Circa 1848. Priced at £2,500.
Scarab Antiques
A multi-coloured paste necklace is made by De Luxe. The paste stones are in lovely muted tones and are predominately cabochon cut with some faceted paste stones interspersed amongst them. The necklace has a three dimensional effect as seven stones are raised above the central section of the necklace on bronze tone metal arms. It is adjustable with a hook fastener. Signed and boxed.
Priced at £425.00.
Garth Vincent Antiques Young Gun Dom Vincent with a member of the stock!
Rowles Fine Art
"Waiting to Go On" Waiting to Go On, a painting in mixed
media by Dame Laura Knight.
14 x 10ins.
S&S Timms Robbie Timms on the stand
Michael Baggot Antiques
An American Colonial George III silver marrow spoon attributed to Daniel
Henchman/Nathaniel Hurd of Boston, c.1766-68. 20cm long.
Priced at £160,000.

For full exhibitor details and times see Antiques for Everyone web site via TRADE INDEX

When it’s virtual! You couldn’t make this stuff up and it’s proof of how much the trade has changed in recent years.

Antique Dealers' Association of America will commence with its inaugural online antiques show from 1-4 April 2014 and all objects in the show will be seen for the first time by both participating dealers and customers. The organisers confirm that there will be no pre-buying!

The online show will run around the clock until 10pm on the last day when the show will end and its webpage will disappear.

No travel, no traffic, no bad weather, no tickets — this online show will be available to anyone, in any location, from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A bright idea but what about the touchy feely aspect? The party atmosphere and the chance to meet and greet so many vendors under one roof!

From regular contributor George Johnson

Many of you will remember the episode of BBC 2 Fake or Fortune when art expert Philip Mould tried to authenticate what appeared to be a Marc Chagall painting of a nude which dated to the early 20th Century.

The big shock was not that this painting was assessed to be a fake by the Chagall committee in Paris but the scandal that erupted when they decided to execute their right under French law to have it destroyed.

A spokeswoman for the committee said the matter was "in the hands of the courts... There has never been any doubt that this work is a counterfeit," she said. "It's very evident."
Asked whether the court would now decide if it would be destroyed, she said: "There is a whole procedure going on now but that is part of the procedure, yes."

The owner of the painting Mr Lang paid £100,000 for the work in the early nineties and was shocked to find out that not only was his painting fake but the Chagall committee had the right to destroy it. Despite public support, particularly on social media, it now seems that he has reached the end of the road and is giving up the fight to keep it.

Mr Lang said "They're trying to get a hearing but I've said I don't want to go along that route, I don't see there's a point. It's a lost cause, so I've just said, 'No, it's not worth it.' There's no point contesting it. It’s in France, it's a French court, they will come back on their side. It's a terrible shame."

From regular contributor George Johnson

The BBC's flagship antiques interest show, Antiques Roadshow has always avoided the tendency to dumb down elements of the antiques trade and with the appetite for this show still running at an all-time high, the producers have taken the decision to launch BBC Antiques Roadshow Magazine with the first issue (cover price £3.99)on sale from 4 April 2014.

The launch issue showcases some of our friends here at Antiques News and Fairs fairs including Mark Hill and George Johnson, who are leading lights of the Antiques Young Guns Movement, of particular interest to the magazine.

From its early beginnings in the late 1970s as a 'try out' transmission from a room above Hereford Town Hall, the Antiques Roadshow has grown to become a British broadcasting phenomenon with some six million viewers regularly tuning in. Now in its 36th year, each episode is packed with fascinating objects and the surprising stories that lie behind them, as well as the burning question of 'What's it worth?'

Sue Herdman, Editor, BBC Antiques Roadshow Magazine, says, "We've taken our inspiration from the TV programme format and, working closely with Roadshow specialists, have filled our pages with lively features that are bursting with information and top tips. The first issue carries Antiques Roadshow's Lisa Lloyd's definitive guide to success at auction, and a remarkable feature on the sleek 1930s time capsule that is The Homewood. This hidden house and its collection of outstanding and highly collectable pieces is one of Britain's best-kept secrets."

She continues, "For those with a love of all things vintage, we also tour the quirky Museum of Brands. And we'll have our monthly special behind-the-scenes section, devoted to the show, where we reveal more stories and valuations than will have been seen on screen. Our favourite for this, our launch issue, is the tale of a small boy, an unlikely kidnapping and an African mask."

We would like to wish the Roadshow magazine every success and we are very pleased to think that we now can get our Roadshow fix over a cup of coffee if we get a free minute in the office.
Bath Decorative Antiques Fair 25th birthday party on Thursday 6 March 2014 was the venue chosen by the team behind Antiques Young Guns to reveal the names of the eleven senior fellows of the antiques trade, aged 40+, who had accepted an invitation to mentor the winner and runners up of the Antiques Young Gun of the Year 2014 award whose names will be revealed at the awards celebration party on Friday 4 July 2014 at Alfies Antiques Market in Church Street, Marylebone, London NW8, by kind invitation of owner Bennie Gray.

The mentorship will be the main part of the prize package for the winning group who will benefit from a unique opportunity to work closely with some of the most knowledgeable and successful names in the business today.

The identity of the eleven had been closely guarded until the night amid much speculation from the trade wags who thought they knew who would be chosen and although a couple of accurate guesses were heard in the weeks running up to the Bath Fair, the full list remained a secret until Thursday evening.

Speaking on behalf of partners George Johnson and Mark Hill, Gail McLeod said: “We were determined to have a diverse group of mentors for our budding entrepreneurs, not just from a range of professional sectors but also from a broad spectrum of personalities. Our selection of mentors, who will be known as Antiques Heavy Artillery, offers our Antiques Young Guns a chance to meet and work with characters they might never encounter and this ethos is at the heart of the mentoring scheme. Experience in the antiques trade brings so much more than an academic knowledge – it is a trade peopled by big personalities who have so much to impart and we believe that personality is a big element in the success of so many of our antiques trade rock stars!

The winning entrants in the Antiques Young Gun of the Year award 2014 will not necessarily be matched by specialty – we will be looking for a good marriage of personality to bring out the best in the winning entrants.”

The names can now be revealed in alphabetical order!

Marc Allum BBC Antiques Roadshow, expert.

Stuart Atkinson Fontaine Decorative.

Lennox Cato Lennox Cato Antiques, also BBC Antiques Roadshow expert.

Mark Goodger Hampton Antiques

Ashley Gray Gray Modern + Contemporary Art

Patrick Macintosh Macintosh Antiques

Steven Moore BBC Antiques Roadshow expert.

Spencer Swaffer Spencer Swaffer Antiques

Ian Towning Bourbon Hanby Arcade & Dickinson's Real Deal

Nigel Worboys, Antiques are Green and Worboys Antiques

Robert Young Robert Young Antiques

Antiques Celebrity Special Award

We will be announcing a further award at the end of March 2014

Image: Mark Goodger of Hampton Antiques and Amanda Clarke of Clarke Pickett Antiques at the announcement party at Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

With a successful opening to the year at The Petersfield Antiques Fair with attendance up on last year and more younger visitors through the door, Penman Fairs will open the door at the Chelsea Antiques Fair from 19-23 March 2014.

The Fair will be opened at 2.30pm on Wednesday 19 by Chelsea Pensioner Mike Shanahan, who is also a volunteer for this year’s Fair charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. A percentage of sales from selected canine-related objects at the Fair will be going directly to the charity.

Of the thirty or so exhibitors, all but three from last year’s Fair have returned and among the new exhibitors is Muse – The Sculpture Company from the Cotswolds who showed at the fair a decade or so ago and will also be seen at the New Chelsea Art Fair 10-13 April, 2014 which is now organised by Ben Cooper as part of Penman Fairs (see below). London dealers Morgan Strickland Decorative Arts, specialists in Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Aesthetic Movement, Art Deco and twentieth century design, who exhibited at Penman’s 20th Century Fair at the Town Hall in 1998 will also join the Fair this time.

A current regular with Penman Fairs is Art Deco specialist Jeroen Markies whose desirable collection of Art Deco furniture in pale timbers offers an interesting departure from the pale Nordic look which festoons many decorative fairs currently. Jeroen Markies also deals in a variety of sleek and stylish accessories of the Art Deco era and a wide range of Decorative Arts.

Another regular exhibitor, Brookes-Smith Antiques will be returning to the fair this time with their mix of stylish and accessible antique furniture for the homemaker. Rick Brooks-Smith told Antiques News & Fairs “The fair is always busy, the stock is well priced and we always sell to clients within a one-two mile radius of the Fair.”

Following the summer break (there will be no Mall Galleries Fair in August this year), Chelsea, Petersfield and Chester all have fairs again and Penman Fairs will be subject to some changes following a restructure of the business. Caroline Penman has announced that the company will be taking on two equal directors in Ben Cooper and Barbara Bell who will be based in Worcestershire, while Caroline will remain in Sussex. Caroline told Antiques News & Fairs: "There will be few visible changes, other than a new office address and phone number. I will still be at the fairs, though not necessarily for the whole duration - and will always be on hand at the end of the traditional phone number."

We wish the new directors best wishes for their new roles in this long established and respected company.

For a full exhibitor list and times see Penman Fairs website via TRADE INDEX.

Jeroen Markies
An unusual Art Deco drinks cupboard in walnut veneer with straight grain walnut banding. Double doors open to drink cupboard with drawers and shelf and original glass holders. Third faux door conceals side drawer and storage area. Lovely rich colouring and in wonderful original condition.
English, circa 1930 Price: £1,850
Brookes-Smith Antiques
A William IV walnut leather library chair, covered in fine brown button leather in keeping with the type of upholstery the chair would probably had when it was made circa 1830
Standing on wrythen turned leg and gilded castors with ceramic wheels.
c1840 Price: £2,650
More than ninety members of The BADA will head for the heart of Chelsea next week for the annual BADA Antiques & Fine Art Fair from 19-25 March 2014.

The location in the Duke of York Square, just off Sloane Square, is the perfect setting for what has become an world class event which has evolved from the original fair which merely offered members an opportunity to travel up from the provinces to sell to a London audience.

The BADA Fair is the only internationally renowned event exclusive to members of the British Antique Dealers’ Association, representing the UK’s leading specialists, and as such has built an unrivalled reputation for quality. All members of the prestigious British Antique Dealers’ Association, carefully selected for membership for their knowledge, integrity and expertise. The range of exhibits for sale is dazzling: furniture, paintings, clocks, ceramics, silver, jewellery and much more can all be found under one roof in the heart of Chelsea.

One of the highlight exhibits at this year's fair will be a magnificent regency period specimen marble and carved giltwood centre table, English, circa 1820 (shown) on show from Godson & Coles. The circular specimen marble top is profusely inlaid with 161 coloured stones in concentric rings, including imperial porphyry, granites, serpentine, alabaster and semi-precious stones, as well as marbles. The table comes from the estate of Dodie Rosekrans, the international society hostess, haute couture collector and fine arts supporter whose patronage was felt from the San Francisco Bay Area to Paris and Venice. She was also the daughter of Michael Naify the creator of United Artists.

This year the there will also be a unique loan exhibition of fifty military portrait miniatures entitled In Love and War: The Story of the Military Miniature Portrait. This exhibition of miniatures, all sourced from a private collection, focuses on British military miniatures and the stories they tell to those who understand them. Most sitters are officers as it was the middle and upper classes who were wealthy enough to be able to afford the artist’s fee. The loan exhibition will be the subject of one of the special events taking place on Friday 21 March 2014 at 11.15am - 'In Love & War' - A Guide to the Loan Exhibition With Colonel Peter Walton. Military Art Historian Peter Walton uses his knowledge of historical military dress to put these works of art into context to help identify the subjects.

Among the wide range of works from classic antique furniture to contemporary and modern pieces will be a rare pair of caddies, each with pagoda top and delightful acorn finial. Veneered in harewood, with various inlaid bandings.
Circa 1790, from Hampton Antiques priced at £15,500.

S & S Timms Antiques will bring a pair of Queen Anne period walnut side chairs, with elegant crested ladder backs and drop in seats. Standing on carved cabriole legs terminating on unusual trefoil feet. Circa 1710. One chair bears a 'Norman Adams Ltd' label to the underside of seat rail which shows that this pair of chairs was retailed by the once highly respected dealer located on Hans Road, Knightsbridge.

Absolute Taste at the Cellini Restaurant and The Duke of York Brasserie will be providing food and refreshments.

For full exhibitor list and times see BADA Antiques & Fine Art Fair web site via TRADE INDEX

Patrick Van der Vorst’s very successful on-line auction site Value My Stuff is to expand with the launch on 19 March 2014 of Auction My Stuff.

Patrick told Antiques News & Fairs: “When I started Value My Stuff in 2009, I wanted to provide an accessible service for anyone who wanted to find out the value of their items. I found that more and more people were asking Value My Stuff for advice on where the best place would be to sell their items once discovering their value, so as a result, I decided to diversify our service offering by providing an online auction platform to those looking to sell their items in a secure, transparent and unintimidating environment”. Now you can value and sell!

Value My Stuff has now valued over half a million items to date in addition to accumulating over 400,000 customers with over 50% of clients based in the United States. This heavy duty client base will now be able to put their items up for auction, once valued, in an eBay style marketplace where all items are vetted by experts and where market value is dictated not only by demand, but actual worth. With no listing fees and only 10% commission payable when sold, Auction My Stuff certainly offers an affordable way to sell and buy in an international collectors marketplace.

To celebrate launch of Auction My Stuff, an extremely rare collection of personal memorabilia from the family of Marlene Dietrich has been acquired. The Marlene Dietrich Sale will include 250+ lots being consigned by three grandchildren of Marlene Dietrich. The trove of Dietrich's belongings that were left to her three grandchildren includes one of Dietrich's iconic black tuxedos, sunglasses, a typewriter, cigarette lighters, photographs, clocks and letters. Some of the items are currently being exhibited at the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles prior to the sale.

J. David Riva, the Grandson of Marlene Dietrich said in a forward for the catalogue “The many varied and special items represent some of the most personal and intimate keepsakes of Marlene, given to us, her family. Many are in themselves windows into her life and personality, and her generosity to her family made it possible for several pieces to survive the test of time. Marlene’s love of cooking, art, literature and democracy are all represented here, as well as some incredibly rare items like a Tuxedo worn when out in Vegas, and a letter from Ernest Hemingway.”

It is the frank and fruity love letter from Ernest Hemingway – at times veering into the rather racy and rambling, which has captured the attention of the world press – the item has appeared everywhere from prime spot on ABC News, The LA Times and The Hollywood Reporter in the US to South China Morning Post. Here in the UK, J David Riva will be interviewed on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday 29 March.

With a 25th birthday party, an influx of some seriously good newcomers joining the backbone of original exhibitors who have created the club like atmosphere of this very special annual event, the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair is heading for a champagne cork popping, crowd pleasing, vintage event from 6-9 March 2014.

Now into its second year under the ownership of Cooper Events, the fair has retained its essential star core exhibitors like Jon Cornall, Julian Carr Linford and Alexander Kunha, Terry and Marie Kelly, Ark Angel Tetbury, Chris Jenkins, James Gould of Apollo Antiques, Cherrie and Michael Todd, Appledore Antiques, David Ford of The Trading Room and Hudson Grove while attracting some big names of the London decorative trade for the first time including Josephine Ryan, Jackdawes, Aeology, Lillie Road duo sharing one of the largest stands in the fair Antiques 269 specialising in mirrors and decorative accessories and architectual antiques reclamation dealer John Wiseman who also speciliases in period English and European fire surrounds. Also joining for the first time will be leading treen and decorative dealer David Levi of Portobello Road.

Other exciting newcomers from around the UK include Smithson Antiques, a resident at Hemswell Antiques in Lincolnshire, with his exceptional collection of kitchenalia and country furniture, Elham Antiques of Kent and Nicki Page who trades at The Swan in Tetsworth, who both have a signature Bath look with decorative furniture and accessories. Adding a flourish of Nordic glamour will be Casa Nova Antiques from Denmark who also trade at Blanchard Collective in Marlborough.

For the first time the fair will host an Antiques Young Guns pavilion where Amanda Rait of Clarke Pickett Antiques showing period Country House upholstery, mirrors and accessories and George Johnson of Lady Kentmores Antiques, who will bedeck his stand from floor to ceiling with a myriad collection of the bizarre and decorative in true showman style, both from Scotland, will join their fellow Young Guns James Gooch of Doe and Hope based in Bedfordshire, showing a heady and moody collection of curios, medical and macabre objects, library furniture and religious relics, Jason Clarke, from Berkshire, who takes an academic approach to his buying with a collection of eclectic pieces noted for a certain detail or embellishment and Daniel Larsson, hailing from Helsingborg Sweden, who deals in period Stockholm pieces and decorative Swedish furniture both painted and fruitwood.

Other enticements at the fair include the presence of celebrity guests including Judith Miller who will be assisting Anna Brady of the Antiques Trade Gazette and Robin Coleman former owner of the fair, to cut the ribbon and birthday cake and officially open the 25th Bath Decorative Antiques Fair.

David Levi
Large European (French or German) carved and painted wooden Poodle.19th century probably early.
Very rare in wood, original painted surface, good condition, (minor chips, tail broken off and restored on)
Price on request.
John Cornall A superb and atmospheric Georgian Welsh pine press cupboard dry scraped to traces of its original and early paint, salmon pink-terracotta and distemper colours. Fielded and shaped panels. Drawer with lockplates and originally no handles. Original shelves and catches to interior in original terracotta paint. Two piece. North Wales, c.1760 Price: £2850
Lady Kentmores Antiques:
Double Headed sideshow gaff chick, this item harks back to the old carnivale freakshows,amaze your friends with this cute chick with a split personality. Price £175.
Clarke Pickett Antiques A Rare set of x 6 Gentleman`s Painted Armchairs Georgian circa 1780
With original horse hair crescent shaped back rests and x 3 original squab cushions. Some old repairs but all joints strong and all cane intact no holes or tears. All paintwork original. Price £2750
Doe and Hope A Wonderful Late Gothic Period Italian Gesso & Softwood Carved ‘Ecce Homo’ Figure of Christ c.1500. Price £2900.

For full exhibitor list, tickets and times see Bath Decorative Antiques Fair via TRADE INDEX


Nick Mellors of Newark Antiques will be taking the business to a wider audience with the launch of Nicholas Mellors Auctioneers which will see regular sales taking place downstairs at Newark Antiques.

The inaugural sale will take place on Thursday 27 February from 10 am and will be hosted by The Saleroom.com

With a background in the auction business, Nick has drawn on his vast black book to bring together some outstanding consignments on sale across a wide range for this inaugural sale including this remarkable Black Forest table complete with standing dog!

See Newark Antiques web site via TRADE INDEX for more details.

The eagerly awaited confirmation of the Antiques Young Gun of the Year awards 2014 can now be revealed! The team behind this fast growing and now very high profile movement, designed to promote members of the antiques trade, aged 39 and under, George Johnson, Mark Hill and editor of Antiques News and Fairs Gail McLeod, are delighted to announce that the awards ceremony and party will take place on Friday 4 July 2014 and will be hosted by Alfies Antiques Market - the iconic London antiques landmark founded by Bennie Gray in 1976.

Bennie Gray told Antiques News & Fairs: "These days the politicians are all saying it’s the entrepreneurial spirit that will save our economy. Which I think is true - of course the antiques trade has always been one of the most fertile breeding grounds for entrepreneurs, especially those with a fine eye for design. So it is a great privilege and a great pleasure for our antique markets to welcome and support the Young Guns. We wish them well.”

Alfies is the perfect fit for the Antiques Young Guns awards, having been generous supporters in 2013, donating two booths in the market for two months as part of the prize package.

The awards ceremony and party will take place in the Rooftop Kitchen Restaurant when the organisers will announce not only the winners and runners up but also which winning Young Gun will be matched with which of the twelve mentors, aka Antiques Heavy Artillery.

The names of the Antiques Heavy Artillery will be announced at the party to celebrate the 25th Bath Decorative Antiques Fair on Thursday 6 March 2014.

This group of twelve has been drawn from the most experienced and well known members of the trade across all sectors, aged 40 and over, and each has agreed to donate at least three days of their time over a twelve month period, from 4 July, to mentor one winning Antiques Young Gun.

Details of the prize package and how to get involved will be released at The Bath Decorative Antiques Fair.

LAPADA and Antiques Young Guns join forces on Twitter to host an hour of live chat - join the party from 12 noon on Tuesday 25 February the day after the conference.

Chris Oxley of P A Oxley Antique Clocks a long standing member of both LAPADA and Antiques Young Guns is attending the LAPADA conference as a guest of LAPADA on behalf of the Antiques Young Guns and will be live tweeting his way through the day's proceedings. Follow him for the inside track on this prestigious event.

Then join the Twitter party on the following day from 12-1pm for a lively and friendly debate on the art and antiques trade today. All are welcome.
Visitors to the Cambridge Glass Fair on 24 February 2014, will be able to meet some of the UK’s leading glass dealers whose specialist areas include Art Nouveau and Deco glass, 18th century and Victorian glass, pressed glass, Bohemian glass and twentieth century collectable glass.

One of the most enthusiastic couples to appear on the fairs circuit nationwide is M & D Moir. Mike and Debbie are always keen to share their knowledge and they seem to unearth something rare and enticing for each event. Their web site and Facebook pages are constantly up-dated and are tantalising sources of their latest finds with expert and well documented background information.

A current find which will be on view at Cambridge will be four rare Fritz Heckert champagne glasses c1883-8, (shown) details below.

Held at Linton Village College in Cambridgeshire, this twice-yearly event features exhibitions, demonstrations and book signings and the organisers Specialist Glass Fairs go to great efforts to provide an absorbing foyer exhibition featuring a particular glass collecting area. This time the exhibition is being curated by Maurice Wimpory and features examples of the twentieth century production of the Harbridge factory in the West Midlands and examples of cut glass produced by Watford Glass. Neither of these two factories is well known to British collectors as most of the production was destined for the export market.

In addition, Whitefriars.com, the online collectors’ forum, will be staging their own display entitled ‘Full Lead Crystal 1978 – 80’.
Further excitements will be the display of flameworked jewellery from Rowan van der Holt and Ema Kelly where visitors will also be able to see Allister Malcolm, Vic Bamforth and many other renowned studio makers. Ely Stained Glass Museum will be represented as will the Paperweight Collectors Circle, the Glass Association, the Glass Circle and the Guild of Glass Engravers.

M & D Moir
Fritz Heckert - Four rare Fritz Heckert champagne glasses c1883-8 from left to right
1. Birds and face, Heckert codes to bottom. Price £98
2. Multi-coloured with birds, unsigned. Price £75
3. Flowers some gilding loss to top edge, unsigned, Price £62
4. Black and white

Another irresistible item on the M & D Moir web site is a pair of Baccarat cameo scent bottles; black-purple on blue and gilded, with cut crystal stoppers, c1900 c 6 inches tall. Price £360 each (available separately)

From a selection on the web site of regular exhibitor Neil Chaney - The World is Made of Glass : A very large, Victorian, Bohemian, heavily cut and gilded, "Bristol" Blue decanter and stopper dating from the late 19th century, c1875. Such decanters were primarily made in Bohemia for the Persian market, priced at £275.

For full exhibitor list, tickets and times see Cambridge Glass Fair web site via TRADE INDEX
They say scale is everything and if this is true Hemswell Antiques Centre is the place to beat. Already home to three hundred plus dealers from the UK, France, Australia, USA, Ireland and Spain in its four centres at the former RAF base and attracting 4,000 visitors a week, the business has now expanded with the opening of a magnificent new centre, transforming a defunct building, the former RAF Guardroom on the site. The new centre was unveiled on 27 December 2013 after months of building work.

The two-storey Guardroom houses eighty new dealers from across the UK, Ireland, Spain and France – half of whom are new dealers to Hemswell – as well as a brand new coffee shop.

The project represents a significant investment by MD Robert Miller and has created ten new jobs at the Hemswell-based business.

Robert Miller told Antiques News & Fairs “It was a redundant building that needed new life breathing into it and that is what we have achieved. The new building is the gateway to the site. It’s created a real wow factor for people coming to Hemswell and should be a positive step for all businesses here. It has taken a lot of investment and a lot of time to get the building to the point it’s at today but it’s been worth it. We are confident the Guardroom will attract thousands of new visitors to Hemswell.”

The design of the new building, with its atrium style central area, was inspired by a trade visit to Japan carried out by Mr Miller last year. The company currently exports around seven per cent of its goods to the Far East – around 30 per cent of its entire overseas trade – and launched a new Japanese language website to capitalise on growth in this region.

For more information see Hemswell Antiques Centre via TRADE INDEX

A sentimental momento of hard times will be on sale at The Chester Antiques & Fine Art Fair held at the at the County Grandstand, Chester Racecourse 13-16 February 2014. Glass specialist Jeanette Hayhurst will show a rare glass tumbler engraved with an image of the ‘Governor Fenner’, an emigrant ship sailing for America with Irish farmers and their familes. It commemorates the tragic loss of the ship when it collided off Hollyhead in 1845 with a steamer, the Nottingham, sailing from Dublin to Liverpool and around 123 passengers, comprising seventeen crew, travelling families and children, were lost when the ship sank.

Such glasses were often produced and would have been sold locally around the area closest to where disasters took place. Today they are collected as mementoes of historic disasters. Mining disasters and other tragic events were similarly remembered. This particular glass will be on sale for £345.

Now in its 26th year the Chester Fair is a flagship event for Penman Antique Fairs offers a wide range of exhibitors an established event which attracts regular visitors from across the North.

Owner Caroline Penman told Antiques News & Fairs: "After a busy autumn event in October 2013, interest in art and antiques is returning strongly. It’s now more than 100 years since the Arts & Crafts period, when the Decorative Arts enjoyed an explosion of popularity across Europe, followed by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. Specialists in these periods are joining us at the Chester Show, bringing a range of rare and desirable pieces, including ceramics, glass, metalwork, sculpture, decorative furniture, silver and jewellery. It’s very exciting!’

Furniture specialists Church Street Antiques from Altrincham will be showing a fine pair of Swedish Art Deco armchairs in satin birch with white leather upholstery, straight from a typical Bertie Wooster apartment, priced at £1,950.

Solo Antiques from Lancashire will be showing glass and bronze sculpture including a superb cameo and enamel vase by Daum Nancy decorated with Solanées flowers and leaves, priced at £4,950. Solo will also be featuring an Arts and Crafts Newlyn copper inkwell, circa 1905, decorated with squid, octopus and cuttlefish designs, attributed to John Drew Mackenzie (1861-1918), at £795.

Another exhibitor who draws large audiences at fairs nationwide is Art of the Imagination who are specialists in original work of illustrators including Arthur Rackham. Image shows original illustration by Arthur Rackham for 'Stories of King Arthur' published by A L Haydon, c1910, watercolour on paper. Signed and dated 1902.
England, 1902.

Other specialists at the fair include Graham Reedwho will be showing a range of 19th and 20th century watercolours and oils by many of the most collectable artists, including Sylvester Stannard, Louis Wain and John McDougal. Baron Fine Art from Chester also return with paintings by Northwest artists. Jo Bennett Fine Paintings from Manchester promises new works by local artist Geoffrey Key among others. Ludlow gallery Rowles Fine Art will be showing a number of Victorian and Modern British paintings including works by Helen Allingham, Montague Dawson, Helen Bradley and Marcel

Early English pottery features on the stand of Roger DeVille, early arms and armour on the stand of Garth Vincent Antiques.

Eastdale Antiques from Oswestry promise a highly collectable silver and there will be a wide selection of jewellery on offer from Plaza, Howell’s, Trivette, Terry Robert and Shapiro & Co. Fashion aficianados will welcome a display of cocktail dresses and fur coats from Fashion Fandango.

For tickets and times see Penman Antique Fairs via TRADE INDEX

There may be a perception that Antiques Young Guns deal the extreme end of the retro and Mid C furniture sector but the truth is that some of the country’s better known dealers in formal furniture are in fact firmly in the Young Guns age bracket and active members of this vibrant community.

One such Young Gun is Robbie Timms
of S&S Timms Antiques who is regularly seen at some of the UK’s premier antiques fairs.

Robbie’s next outing is the The Antique Dealers’ Fair Luxury Antiques Weekend at The Mere Golf Resort in Cheshire where he will join thirty or so fellow LAPADA and BADA
members to exhibit at this luxury resort within easy reach of Manchester, Chester and Liverpool.

The Timms' stand will be graced with the usual display of formal period furniture of quality – largely domestic pieces which can be imagined in their end setting by the visitors to the various fairs he attends.

The fair is bijoux in style and a balanced collection of dealers will show original art works of local interest including Lowry pieces from Neptune Fine Art and Helen Bradley from Jo Bennet Original Pictures, jewellery from new to the fair Anderson Jones and regular exhibitor T Robert, silver, glass, books, contemporary sculpture, oriental rugs and carpets and of great appeal currently, vintage designer clothing from Midwinter Antiques

Timms Antiques:

An Unusually Small Late Regency Mahogany Window Seat Hall
Bench Having Well Figured Seat With Applied Rolls To Ends
Raised On Elegant Turned And Tapering Legs £1950.00

A Fine Pair Of Regency Mahogany Hall Chairs Of Extremely
Unusual Design Having Swept & Ribbed Backs With Central Set
Bullseye And Foliate Carving Flanked by C Scroll Supports
Standing On Elegant Moulded Sabre Legs £4500.00

For times and tickets see ADFL web site via TRADE INDEX
As existing stars of the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair 21-26 January 2014, expand their stands to make an even bigger impact, so rising stars of the decorative trade join the fair for the first time, and this landmark event evolves as a touchstone for the fortunes of the decorative antiques trade.

Fontaine Decorative have enjoyed serious success at Battersea year on year for six years with their high profile front of hall stand crammed with the macabre and the beautiful, the rare and must have objects and the useful, sometimes utilitarian furniture dressed to impress. Their stand for Winter Battersea will be expanded by 10sq meters to allow even more room for their trademark Cabinet of Curiosities and other delights found on their regular trips across France. The Fontaine Boys have worked hard to promote their home town of Margate having recently raised in excess of £20k to restore the iconic 1934 Grade II* listed disused cinema building with a Glitzy Fundraising Art Auction. Their energetic presence in the town has had a positive effect on the area with a number of new calls for buyers in the region.

A rising star joining the one hundred and forty exhibitors at the fair for the first time is Amanda Pickett of Clarke Pickett Antiques from Rait, Perthshire, dealing in 18th & 19th century Country House antiques, Howard & Sons upholstered furniture, mirrors and decorative objects. Amanda has been part of the Antiques Young Guns scene and was a finalist in the Young Gun of the Year award 2013.

Returning this time is Patrick Macintosh of Macintosh Antiques in Sherborne, Dorset. A regular exhibitor for many years, Patrick returns to share a stand with Richard Nadin. Together they will show a wide selection of Country House and Colonial furniture for the metropolitan and country interior.

The foyer exhibition for the Winter Fair has been inspired the current Jane Austen bi-centenary bonanza (Pride & Prejudice was published in 1813, Mansfield Park in 1814, Emma in 1815…)Miss Austen At Home: From Mansfield Park to Chawton Cottage.

The display will feature two Regency interior styles the author would have been familiar with and will be curated by Helen Linfield of Wakelin & Linfield, one of the UK’s leading experts on 18th and 19th century furniture. All items, which are for sale, will be drawn from exhibitors at the Fair.

Fontaine Decorative
- Cabinet of Curiosities
Clarke Pickett
A Giltwood Overmantle Thomas Johnson Mirror
Macintosh Antiques A fine burr wood Campaign chest

For full exhibitor list and times see Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair web site via TRADE INDEX

George at Bath
Who knew that the Olympic Games once hosted art competitions in the years from 1912 to 1948? The awards featured works inspired by sport-related themes in a range of categories, including painting, architecture, literature, music and sculpture. The events were inspired by Pierre de Coubertin, who wished to combine the competitions in sports with competitions in the arts. The awards were dropped after 1948 because of the difficulty of determining the amateur status of the artists.

Sir William Nicholson (1872-1949), won an Olympic gold medal for his work in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam in the graphic works section of the Art competitions for his Almanach de douze sports 1898, the French edition of the Almanac of Twelve Sports, published 30 years earlier. He was subsequently knighted in 1936.

One of the exhibitors at The Petersfield Antiques Fair organised by Penman Antique Fairs 31 January to 2 February 2014, art dealer Graham Bentley who trades as Graham Bentley Watercolours from Kenilworth, will be showing a group of Sir William Nicholson’s lithographs from ‘An Almanac of Twelve Sports’ which were taken from original wood-engravings, priced from £165 each. Graham told Antiques News and Fairs: ‘Many of these images may be familiar to visitors since they were popular images in their day. They are strongly defined works of art and very evocative of their period’.

Other exhibitors at the fair this time will be furniture specialists Cantelo, Yellow Lantern Antiques, Sue Killinger and Julia Harrington, art dealers Michael St John and Graham Reed, glass specialist Richard Hoppe, Art Nouveau and Art Deco sculpture dealer Hickmet Fine Art and jewellery specialists Terry Robert and Shapiro & Co. Also showing will be Olde Time with early clocks and barometers, Corinne Soffe with a selection of early 19th century porcelain and snuff bottles and Pars Rugs Turkish, Persian, Indian and Chinese wool and silk carpets and rugs.

For times and tickets see Penman Antiques Fairs via TRADE INDEX

The Antiques are Green movement founded six years ago by Nigel Worboys of Worboys Antiques has been reconfigured as a brand new antiques trade association in response to an overwhelming level of global support for the initiative.

The Antiques are Green site has been totally relaunched and went live on 3 January, 2014, offering a number of unique features for all sectors of the trade and consumers.

A unique feature for members of the new association will be that each year each every member will receive a certificate which can be added to their own web site or displayed at their premises to confirm that a tonne of Co2 has been offset in their name and a tree has been planted in the The Great Rift Valley, Kenya by the Antiques are Green Trade Association thereby helping to offset their carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Nigel Worboys told Antiques News & Fairs: "We have been delighted to receive nearly seventy membership applications from the UK and overseas in the first few days following our Newsletter to alert the trade, and we look forward to welcoming many more as the launch programme continues. We aim to work in conjunction with the other trade associations in the UK and overseas to offer the widest possible benefit to our members. Our affiliation with Antiques News & Fairs will add additional benefits to our members and advertisers."

Membership is open to all sectors of the trade with full membership open to dealers and auctioneers and associated membership open to affiliated trades including fair organisers, publishers, shippers, restorers,insurers and professionals.

Image: Antiques are Green logo strictly for members only!

For full details see Antiques are Green web site via TRADE INDEX

Harrogate based organisers Galloway Antiques Fairs return to home turf for the first of their antiques and fine art fairs of 2014 at The Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate which is well known for being Agatha Christie's retreat during her disappearance in 1926. The hotel stands in acres of private gardens, close to the bustling town centre and Montpellier Quarter, and offers ample free car parking to visitors at the front and rear of the hotel.

Post Christmas visitors will be looking for some cheer in the drear month of January and they will not be disappointed with sparkling jewellery both period and fun costume jewellery which is enjoying huge popularity at the moment, along with silver and glass, ceramics.

Among the thirty exhibitors will be jewellery dealers Scarab, Saul Greenstein and Anderson Jones. Scarab’s new web site is a testament to their attention to detail with exceptional photography showing off their range of jewellery, glass and collectible pieces for the home.

Highland Antiques from Aberdeen, regulars with Galloway Fairs, always have a super selection of Scottish and Scottish provincial silver, and local dealer Jack Shaw Ltd from Ilkley will have more of a choice of antique table silver, canteens being his speciality.

With the emphasis on old school elegance, Mark Buckley from Skipton will have a range of quality inlaid Victorian and Edwardian town furniture in walnut, rosewood and mahogany, and in contrast, Adrian Harris Antiques from Sedbergh and Country Oak Antiques from Harrogate will bring along a much more country feel with their early period oak furniture.

John Newton from Yorkshire who will have a wide range of 19th and 20th century ceramics, specialising in silver overlay porcelain from the mid 20th century. Local dealer Bryan Bowden of Harrogate will have a selection of British pottery and porcelain for sale, Bryan specialises in Northern ceramics (pre 1850).

Fine art will be offered by J C Fine Art of West Yorkshire, Ruth Hudson from Wakefield and local dealer Graham Reed Fine Art while more general dealers will include Elisabeth Glen Antiques from Norfolk, Jane Kirsopp Reed Antiques from Newcastle, Village-on-the-Web from York and Redbusart from Ayrshire.

A silver Gilt Victorian Inkstand dates 1868 made in London by George Fox will be available from Jack Shaw Ltd for £2400.

A stylish contemporary cuff by Deluxe in sliver tone metal and has a line of faceted triangular shaped paste stones running around the top and bottom edge of the cuff in alternating colours of clear and grey. Signed. Priced at £195 from Scarab Antiques

For full exhibitor list and times see Galloway Antique Fairs web site via TRADE INDEX
Sue Ede, owner of Cooper Events, who has been running the Cotswolds Decorative Antiques & Fine Art Fair 3-5 January 2014, (formerly Westonbirt) for more than ten years told Antiques News and Fairs “This is always one of our most popular events of the winter. After the festive break, people want to indulge themselves and turn their minds to redecorating and furnishing their homes. So a trip to our decorative, fine art and antiques fair always proves appealing.”

Joining the fair this time will be Granta Fine Art from Cambridge who will soon be seen at another Cooper Events' high profile fair, Bath Decorative Antiques Fair 6-9 March, 2014. Granta Fine Art catalogue focuses on the development of a British tradition in the 20th century, not restricting their collection to the narrow categories of Modern British or Contemporary but including works from the highly influential European Impressionist and Expressionist schools. The result is an eclectic mix of paintings and drawings spanning the 20th century from its roots in the 19th century to some of the more extreme expressions of the 21st.

Also on show from other specialist dealers from across the UK will be a wide variety silver, jewellery, glass, clocks, sculpture, and period and 20th century furniture. Continental glass vases, scent bottles and decanter sets, Art Deco bronze figurines, chic 1960’s lamps, Lalique glass, exquisite Japanese carved figures, Victorian oil paintings, 1950’s silver and glass porcelain, folk art needlework, Persian carpets and many decorative items to appeal to the homemaker and impulse buyer.

Images from the Granta travelling catalogue, two paintings to improve the spirits in the dark days of January –

Jon Copnall 1928-2007, Flat Fields Ibiza "1956", Oil on Board

Olive Cook 1916-2002, Municipal Gardeners, Oil on Board.

For full details of times and exhibitors of Cotswolds Antiques & Decorative Fair and Bath Decorative Antiques Fair, see Cooper Events web site via TRADE INDEX

Sarah Percy-Davis has announced she is stepping down from her role as CEO of LAPADA in March 2014 to spend more time with her young family.

Interviews for the new Chief Executive will begin early in the New Year. Sarah Percy-Davis will personally oversee the transition period to ensure a seamless hand-over of responsibilities and it is anticipated that she will remain closely involved with LAPADA as she begins her new role as an arts consultant.

Peter Chadlington, Chairman of LAPADA: “Sarah has made an immense contribution to the vibrant development of the organisation during the past ten years. Whilst she will undoubtedly be a hard act to follow, we are fortunate to have in place an established and dynamic LAPADA management team. We have a fantastic programme for 2014, which includes our annual conference at the House of Lords and the celebrations for LAPADA’s 40th anniversary.“

Under Sarah Percy-Davis’s management, LAPADA has been at the forefront in setting new standards within the trade, introducing and promoting innovative and successful contemporary initiatives that have brought a fresh approach to collecting, and to buying and selling antiques.
During her tenure LAPADA launched its hugely successful LAPADA Fair, now in its eighth year and located in its prestigious home in Berkeley Square. The Object of the Year competition, the launch of LAPADA Modern, the substantial overhaul of the LAPADA website and the release of four Apps
for Smart Phones have seen Sarah further establish a contemporary, fresh face for the Association and the trade.

On her decision to stand down, Sarah Percy-Davis: “After ten hugely rewarding years at the helm of LAPADA, we have taken a family decision to relocate from Central London to provide a better quality of life for my family and it is inevitably with a heavy heart that I begin to hand over the reins. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many of you that have made my time as Chief Executive so incredibly special. I will look forward to continuing my warm association with LAPADA.”

Editor's note: We will greatly miss Sarah who has been a huge help and influence in many of the projects and initiatives we have worked on together, not least Antiques Young Guns and we hope that she will be able to remain involved in some way going forward. We wish her all the very best for the future.
One of the most salubrious addresses in the heart of London is a good starting point for a luxury level antiques fair and it proved to be a brilliant ploy for Ingrid Nilson of The Antique Dealers’ Fair Limited in 2013 with the cocktail that all organisers aspire to: lots of sales, lots of visitors and the icing on the cake, lots of compliments leading to a full house for the 2014 Mayfair Antiques and Fine Art Fair from 9-12 January at the The London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London W1K 6JP.

The impressive exhibitor list comprising of LAPADA and BADA members only, promises to entice the well heeled international audience to return from last year. Ingrid Nilson told Antiques News and Fairs: “Visitors travelled from various parts of the world and from around the UK to attend our first London fair. We were proud when they remarked that is was a totally unique event, full of interesting works, informal with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. We aim to build on this reputation and feel we have a great mix of dealers, who can help us achieve an even better offering for visitors in January.”

New exhibitors for 2014 include Mayfair Gallery and Wimpole Antiques, as well as Mayflower Antiques from Worcestershire, ceramics expert Philip Carrol from North Yorkshire, The Blackbrook Gallery from Leicestershire and Smith & Robinson from West London. The majority of the 2013 roster will return including WR Harvey & Co (Antiques) Ltd from Oxfordshire who will bring an impressive William and Mary period oyster veneered kingwood kneehole desk by Thomas Pistor of Ludgate Hill, c1690, priced at £50,000.(shown)

Art Deco specialist Jeroen Markies will show cocktail cabinets, lighting and smaller items, as well as an Art Deco Cloud Suite by Harry & Lou Epstein, comprising a sofa and two armchairs with burr walnut surround backs in finest quality Italian ivory leather, c1935, selling for £13,850 for the suite and an Art Deco desk in sycamore, walnut and ebonised, H 76.5cm W 107cm, D 53cm, English, c 1930, price £1,850.

Mark J West will bring a spectacular large Bohemian glass tankard, beautifully engraved with ‘The Last Supper’ and annotated ‘zum Andenhen an Franz Deichmann’ selling at £1,280. (shown). Galerie Arabesque will bring exquisite textiles, sculptures and objets d’art, including a pair of early 18th century carved wood pillars, Portuguese, c1700, £7,800 the pair. T Robert’s selection of antique jewellery and objets d’art includes an 18ct gold Holbeinesque emerald, enamel and multi-gem set pendant, c1870, £8,850, (shown). For those who entertain large numbers of people, Walton House Antiques of Mere, Wiltshire, has a superb set of 20 William IV satinbirch armchairs, c 1835, priced at £22,000.

Firmly established on the smart London fairs circuit is Hampton Antiques whose exemplary stock of exquisite boxes and accessories recently won an award for one of the best in show at Olympia
Olympia, will return to Mayfair with a portable selection of goodies including an Art Deco silver tea set with ivory handles by Stower & Wragg Ltd, 1938, Sheffield shown with an Art Deco silver tray by Frank Cobb & Co, Sheffield, priced at £5,950 the set,(shown).

Another well known returnee, S&S Timms will bring a selection from their stock of period and practical furniture and accessories.

Fine art and sculpture will be well represented by Charles Plante Fine Art , Cambridge Fine Art, Atelier from Jersey, Paul Mayhew Fine Art and Ashleigh House Fine Art, Garret & Hurst Sculpture and Art of the Imagination.

With an award winning bar and Gordon Ramsay Maze Grill upstairs, there is much to tempt at this recent addition to the Antique Dealers’ Fair Limited cannon!

For full exhibitor list and times see ADFL Ltd web site via TRADE INDEX

The delightful and flamboyant Ian Towning talks to George Johnson about life, celebrity, and keeping afloat on the King's Road since the 1970s, in the first of our new feature series In Conversation with George.

George will be talking to a variety of trade personalities in the New Year, details to be announced!

One of the busier members of the antiques trade, Mark Hill, has managed to produce another of his covetable books while pursuing his other frenetic activities on BBC Antiques Roadshow, appearing at fairs nationwide as the leading specialist dealer in postwar Czechoslovakian glass and co-authoring the bi-annual Miller's Collectables Price Guide with Judith Miller to say nothing of co-founding Antiques Young Guns.

He brings us The Canny Collector which regular contributor George Johnson reviews for us at The Canny Collector, Mark Hill

Our very own Diva of the King's Road and tv personality Ian Towning News, co-owner of Bourbon Hanby Arcade, the bijou and luxurious antiques arcade opposite Chelsea Old Town Hall, is a tireless worker for charity and his latest fund raising escapade will be to donate some of the proceeds from his very own calendar to the White Lodge Centre for Disabled Children.

The calendar is available from Bourbon Hanby and a signed copy is just £10.95.

Ian tells us that sales have hit the roof so fans should get their orders in quickly!

Editors' note: George Johnson will be talking to Ian Towning who will be his first guest in the long awaited series "In Conversation with George" due out before Christmas.

On Thursday 12th December Alfies Antiques Market will be once again opening its doors for exclusive after-hours Christmas Shopping. Now in its 36th year, the Alfies Christmas Shopping Party offers one of a kind presents from over seventy-five independent antique and vintage dealers, all under one roof.

The event takes place from 5pm-9pm on the 12th December with complimentary festive drinks and treats from the Roof Top Kitchen, musical delights from the Haywood Sisters and four floors full of original gifts. Other attractions include the chance to take part in a snow globe making workshop in the Handmade by You studio or to have an in store tarot reading.

From charming stocking fillers, vintage fashion & textiles, costume jewellery, and ever popular Scandinavian design pieces, Alfies makes seasonal shopping easy with a personal shopper on site to guide you to the perfect gift.

See Alfies Antiques Market web site via TRADE INDEX for full details.
The Pavilions of Harrogate Antiques & Fine Art Fair 29 November – 1 December 2013, will host forty three exhibitors including a handful of new names Ancient and Period, fresh from a very successful outing at Sue Ede’s Cooper Events fair at Bath in October, dealing in Mid C designer pieces and period antique furniture, Billy Rae from Aberdeen dealing in silver and jewellery and Howell’s Antiques of Lancashire also dealing in jewellery.

The impending Christmas season has encouraged a number of dealers in jewellery, silver and bjouterie to the fair this time including Shapiro of Grays Antiques in Mayfair, Solo, S&A Marshand Terry Robert of Norfolk and Scarab.

With their brand new and glamorous new web site hot off the press, Alan and Sue Poultney who own Scarab Antiques, will be heading to Harrogate, one of the key northern fairs, to show off their latest collection of irresistible jewellery and 20th century collectibles.

The new sleek web site is the perfect backdrop for their superb collection and has been designed to offer their faithful clients an all embracing experience with “The Scarab Club” which gives early access to new stock releases and the finder services and an important note with this busy pair – news of their fairs schedule!

Furniture, silver, a variety of artworks including period oils through to Mid Century posters, maps, early pottery and bronzes will be on display from a selection of regulars at the fair including Melody Antiques, Art of the Imagination, Brian Ashbee Antiques, J Dickinson, Jack Shaw & Co, M&N Oriental Rugs, Neptune Fine Art, Redbus Fine Art, Plumb’s Fine Art and Roger de Ville Antiques.

A boxed silver & pearl surprise egg by Stuart Devlin
A very collectable silver, gilded silver and pearl surprise egg by Stuart Devlin. The top lifts off to reveal a plant with cascading gilded silver leaves and pearl flower heads. Hallmarked for 1977 including the Silver Jubilee hallmark and stamped with the number 79 which corresponds with the accompanying certificate that confirms that the egg is no. 79 of 100 pieces. Presented in its original box.
Ticket price £495

A faux black onyx, faux coral, white paste & white metal necklace by Kenneth J Lane.
This gloriously simple faux black onyx, faux coral, white paste and white metal necklace is made by the American jewellery designer and manufacturer Kenneth Lane. The white metal white paste set hook and O ring clasp leads to a double strand of faux black onyx glass beads with white paste rondels part way down. the faux black onyx give way to faux coral acrylic beads that are joined by two horizontal white metal bars that are set with white paste to form the centre section from which there are four rows of faux black onyx glass beads terminating in white paste set rondels and large faux coral acrylic beads. Probably made in the 1990s it is signed "K.J.L." on the clasp. A superb Art Deco looking piece that can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

For tickets, times and full exhibitor list see Cooper Antiques Fairs via TRADE INDEX

Galloway Fairs returns to the imposing venue of Brandling House, High Gosforth Park, near Newcastle after a ten year gap, to end their year with a flourish less than three weeks before Christmas over the weekend of 6-8 December 2013.

Specialists in this part of the country, other Galloway fairs include Naworth Castle, Carlisle and The Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle.

Set on the beautiful High Gosforth Park, home of Newcastle Racecourse, the fair is set out within Brandling House, a Grade 11 listed building, built in 1762. The building itself underwent a major refurbishment programme a few years ago, and now provides a suite of conference rooms ideal for a Galloway Antiques Fair.

Expect to see a good selection of town and country furniture, silver, porcelain, jewellery, antiquarian maps and prints, pictures, clocks, lighting, mirrors, glass and decorative items many of which will be perfect for that Christmas shopping.

Among the local dealers exhibiting will be Malcolm Elgin Antiques of Hexham, Jane Kirsopp Reed Antiques of Newcastle and Valerie Maine Antiques of Carlisle. Making a longer journey to be part of this Christmas fair will be picture dealers Graham Reed Fine Art and Ruth Hudson Fine Art of Yorkshire, porcelain dealers John Newton of Hull and Village-on-the Web of York. Among the jewellers hoping for a sparkling Christmas fair will be Trivette, Anderson Jones and Scarab. Town and country furniture will be offered for sale by Melody Antiques of Chester, Mark Buckley of Yorkshire and silver by Highland Antiques from Aberdeen and Jack Shaw Ltd from Yorkshire. Newcomers to this Galloway event are Malcolm Elgin and Nightwatchman NE Ltd who deals in rare and retired pieces of Royal Doulton.

An Art Deco bronze figure of a dancer ‘The favourite’ by Armand Godard. This is silvered and cold painted, and signed to the marble base, French circa 1925 this will cost £9950 from Solo Antiques of Lancashire.

A demitasse cup and saucer exquisitely decorated in fine silver overlay and vibrant enamel colours by Friedrich Sphar & Co. This will cost £395 from John Newton Antiques
For tickets and times see Galloway Fairs web site via TRADE INDEX
London Silver Vaults, home to the world's largest retail collection of fine antique silver. World famous and situated in the heart of London's legal district, launched its new web site earlier this year which brings together the myriad group of world class dealers who share this historic site.

Behind the huge safe doors and within its vaulted walls, it is possible to find anything from a silver champagne swizzle stick to a full size silver armchair!

Although English silver predominates, there are silver specialists who deal in silver from every corner of the world. In fact, every period and every style is catered for, in this unique setting. The shops at the Vaults have supplied silver to the public for over 50 years. Items are always sold with a guarantee to condition and authenticity.

The twenty five specialist retailers at the Silver Vaults hold a number of special exhibitions every year and the festive atmosphere at Christmas at the Vaults is not to be missed. Christmas 2013 will be celebrated with a Festive Shopping Day and Late Night Opening from midday to 8 pm on Thursday 5 December. There will be seasonal drinks and canapes, carol singers and a brass band.

The London Silver Vaults, Chancery Lane & Corner of Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1QS.
Editor of Homes & Antiques Angela Linforth, David Asher of Country Life and Mary Narvel of the Art & Antiques Group of Chelsea Women's Club had its work cut out judging the LAPADA Awards at this year's Winter Olympia Antiques & Fine Art Fair for LAPADA

See Trade Roundabout for the full results.

Image shows
Best Stand Using Display Cabinets: Hampton Antiques

Northhampton based Hampton Antiques are specialists in the finest antique boxes and accessories.

Judges commented: “Objects immaculately polished and beautifully lit, good groupings of similar items made for easy negotiation of the stand, excellent use of available space including the full height of the stand.”

"...any book that can go from Unicorns' horns to Napoleon’s Penis via Grecian Urns has to be an interesting read." is what George Johnson has to say about his latest review copy Antiques Magpie by Marc Allum.

Read more at Antiques Magpie - Marc Allum
The bi-annual Scone Palace Antiques & Fine Art Fair now in its 18th year remains the most established event in Scotland’s antiques fairs calendar attracting visitors from all over Scotland and the North of England. One of the attractions of fair is the magnificent venue of Scone Palace where the fair is held in the main state rooms - the Drawing Room, Library and Long Gallery, and the exhibitors are a varied crowd offering something for everyone, from vintage jewellery, silver and porcelain, town & country furniture, antique and contemporary art and bronze sculpture, period rugs, antiquarian books, clocks, glass and many decorative items for the home.

Local dealers will be supporting the fair in number including antiquarian book dealer Hilary Farquharson of Angus, silver dealer Highland Antiques of Aberdeen , furniture dealers Cathedral Antiques of Fortose, Koos Limburg Jnr from Angus, furniture dealers C. S. Moreton and Carse Antiques both from Perthshire and jewellers Rose Lane Antiques from Aberdeen will join the exhibitors from across the UK making thirty five in total.

New face joining Galloway's this time round include local picture dealer Ginny Stacey Marks who will bring some charming and romantic paintings from her gallery at Auchentenny, likely to appeal to the Christmas shopping brigade. Also new this time, Path of Condie, Perth, York Minster Antiques from York selling silver , Robin Little and Carolyn Liddiard from Hampshire selling furniture, bronzes and copper art jewellery from 1950's and Village-on-the-Web from York who sells mainly ceramics and glass.

For tickets and times see Galloway Antiques Fairs webs site via TRADE INDEX


A still life of Petunias, oil on board by Bennett Oates priced at £8500.
A pen and black ink drawing on ivorine of a collie by hugely influential painter Cecil Charles W. Aldin priced at £1450.
Both available from Ginny Stacey Marks
The glass world is a society peopled with knowledgeable bordering on obsessed dealers who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with their fellow dealers and collectors many of whom will gather at the National Glass Fair on Sunday 10 November 2013 at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

Like its cousin,The Cambridge Glass Fair, it is a haven for collectors and trade alike and attracts a huge queue of eager competitors before opening times.

A dealer since 1986, and noted authority in the glass field, Nigel Benson is a regular exhibitor and contributor to the fair co-ordinating regular exhibitions. He specialises in twentieth century British glass with an emphasis on Monart and Powell. He is the author of the Miller's Collector's Guide to Glass of the '50s & '60s and was glass consultant for Miller's Collecting Modern Design. He has written many published articles as well as the text for the catalogue 'Art Deco to Post Modernism', an exhibition on cut glass, and has curated several other exhibitions.

In addition to acting as glass specialist to an internet auction house with a terrestrial base, working as 20th Century Glass, Nigel Benson also provides consultancy for publications and gives lectures on many aspects of collecting glass, mainly connected with his passion, British glass but also on continental and Scandinavian glass mainly from the post war era.

An interview published on the Cambridge Glass Fair web site reveals that he is obsessed with collecting and finds it very hard to part with any of his stock. His display at Birmingham is therefore likely to cause him some pain as he will be bringing some exceptional and very rare Powell & Son pieces (shown).

For times and tickets see The National Glass Fair web site via TRADE INDEX

Men of glass: Mark Hill and Nigel Benson share a glass at the recent Antiques for Everyone Fair

A group of Powell drinking glasses dating from between 1865 – 1895, designed by Harry Powell, Philip Webb and T G Jackson

A rare James Powell & Son “Blue Opal” vase with ribbed hollow knop stem, designed buy Harry Powell c1880

An extremely rare tantalus designed by Harry Powell for James Powell & Sons, c 1890

Since going to press earlier this week we hear that the Humphrey Bogart glasses with accompanying letter were sold by Mark J West Glass to a European private client for £8000!

On Sunday night, 3 November a cavalry of hard working antique dealers packed up at Antiques for Everyone at the NEC in Birmingham and got on the road for West London to set up for Winter Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia which runs from Tuesday 5 – Sunday 10 November 2013.

Any antique dealer will know all about fair fatigue but with two essential fairs back to back there was no choice but to knuckle down and take advantage of the opportunities both fairs offer.

Steaming on from the NEC this time, having enjoyed good sales from their premier location at the front of the hall in addition to a pole position on the Antiques Young Guns "taster" display in the reception area of the hall, were S&S Timms Antiques. Robbie Timms was delighted to sell a period mahogany secretaire from the Young Guns stand for a five figure sum and will be bringing a selection of formal and semi formal period furniture to Winter Olympia including this delightful Chippendale period mahogany wing armchair (having replaced leather upholstery) standing on elegant square moulded legs and stretchers, c 1760.

Mark Goodger of Hampton Antiques will also be part of the same group having enjoyed an excellent fair at the NEC. The exquisite display on the Hampton Antiques stand is a always a testament to Mark's skill as a restorer in addition to his knowledgeable buying. Sitting alongside the luscious collectible boxes, caddies and dressing cases on the Winter Olympia stand will be silver ware, glass decanters and a variety of bijouterie to tempt both collectors and trade at Olympia. This group of radiator grill style decanters (shown) of various marques including Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes is likely to appeal to the early Christmas shopper or car enthusiast.

Mike and Debbie Moir of M & D Moir Antiques are among the most enthusiastic members of the Decorative Arts sector of the trade with an unbridled knowledge extending way beyond what might reasonably be expected! Beware, if Mike gets on his subject you could be on the stand for a while, but you will learn the most astonishing detail about the glass makers and designers he has made his life’s work.

As a prelude to exhibiting at Olympia, Mike and Debbie have provided a detailed account on Facebook of the life and times of master glass maker and leading light of the Ecole De Nancy, Paul Nichols, following their acquisition of a unique collection of glass and related items direct from the Nicolas family, many items come with signed letters of provenance from surviving family members.

The majority of the pieces they are bringing to Olympia have up until now stayed within the Nicolas Family. The collection includes: D’Argental and Paul Nicolas cameo glass given by Paul to his brother Emile, including some major monumental pieces, A wide range of other D’Argental glass most of which has been until now kept within the family and passed on to a variety of descendants, gifts of G. Argy Rousseau pendants form Paul Nicolas to his wife, Gifts of Almeric Walther glass from Walter to Paul Nicolas and his wife, a Daum cameo vase given personally to Paul Nicolas by Antonin Daum, signed copies of the Paul Nicolas book from the 2010 exhibition at the Ecole De Nancy and watercolours by Paul Nicolas from his student days. Image shows a superb monumental D'Argental cameo vase in red and orange depicting Nastertiums (shown). It is documented that Paul Nicolas gave this vase to this brother Emile - Secretary to the Ecole De Nancy.

Also offering serious temptation to glass enthusiasts but of a different genre will be Mark West who brings some vintage Hollywood glamour with a collection of six small glasses and five large glasses all engraved with HB from Humphrey Bogart’s private collection.

These were given to Bill Rowland Hill after the filming of the ‘African Queen’, as a thank you for all his help on publicity. Unusually the accompanying letter is signed Bogie, which Humphrey Bogart only did to friends, and the letter which is written on 20th Century Fox paper from Pinewood, reads: "My Dear Bill. Before I leave for home I want to say, one big ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart for all you have done publicity wise both on the set, and in Africa. In addition thanks for all the other little things you have done that have helped so much. I wanted to send you some Hootch but on second thoughts I want you to have something to put it in. Will you call at that fancy store (Heal’s) on Tottenham Court Street and see a guy called Gaylard. Choose yourself a dozen glasses from the suite I have had made. They have my initials on them which are the same as yours. Once again sport, thanks a million.” Images show the letter with one of the glasses.

Finally with the festive season advancing, Richard Gardner returns to Winter Olympia with examples of his exemplary collection of caddies, paintings, small furniture and other essentials of the luxury lifestyle including this charming early 20th century silver plated bottle holder by Mappin & Webb. The holder hinges open to reveal a leather lined interior which allows a single bottle of champagne to be held. When the holder is closed it not only keeps the bottle cool, but also the handle makes for easy pouring, the bottle is completely enclosed which means the label cannot be seen.

The fair has attracted over one hundred and thirty exhibitors across all specialties and for this year, the dates are aligned with the influential Asian Art in London 2013, adding to the lure of London as an art and antiques destination at this time of year.

An interesting lecture programme that includes: Arts and Crafts of India under the Raj; Gilding and woodcarving demonstration; History of the London Tube map - a British design icon and In conversation with the Interior Designer, Alidad add to the attraction of this iconic event.

For tickets and times see Winter Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia web site via TRADE INDEX

From the editor: "We are very sad to publish the following letter from John Ebdon, committee member of TVADA The Thames Valley Antique Dealers' Association.

As a co-founder of a similar antique dealer association, WEADA West of England Antique Dealers' Association, also struggling for survival, I am saddened to see the closure of this association of hardworking dealers from the affluent Thames Valley area, who have tried very hard to keep going through the recent difficult years. TVADA has has long been a very proactive association and in the glory years the TVADA annual fairs were amongst the most successful in the country.

A sad day for the trade and we wish all the members our very best for the future.

Gail McLeod, Editor, Antiques News and Fairs.

I am sorry to inform your readers that the members of The Thames Valley Antique Dealers’ Association unanimously voted at their E.G.M. on 22 October to wind up the association in 2014.

We all know these are challenging times for anyone involved in this business. Many dealerships are changing and shrinking, auction houses have gone "live" and there is a squeeze on the luxury end of the retail market (to name but a few). This is significant for us within the Thames Valley area as in recent years many of the larger, founder members of TVADA are either no longer trading or are doing so in a different way and other regional associations have also disappeared in recent years.

The consequence of all these changes has been a shrinking of TVADA membership and so after much consultation with our members and discussions on the future of TVADA amongst the committee, it has been decided to cease running the association.

TVADA was formed in 1989 by its founder members including Willie Clegg (The Country Seat), Graham Wells (Summers Davis), Alisdair Brown, Edward Reily Collins (Hallidays) and Josie Smith . The association’s distinctive logo “tamesis” was inspired by a keystone on the bridge at Henley on Thames.

The association soon built a strong reputation for holding prestigious regular Antiques Fairs, initially at Eton College and St. Edward’s School in Oxford then Blue Coat School at Sonning and Radley College, also Antiques Trails and TVADA are the pioneers of the trade swap shops.

Over the years, TVADA has built up a strong bond with LAPADA and the committee would like to thank them for their help, support and encouragement. The committee would like to thank the current and former members as well as loyal clients and members of the trade who have assisted, or supported, TVADA over the years and helped to create many happy memories.

John Ebdon
Late arrivals on the Young Guns stand at Antiques for Everyone completing the wide variety of antiques for sale will be two finalists from the recent Antiques Young Guns Awards Natalie Smith owner of Woodbridge Antiques Centre and Chris Oxley of P A Oxley Antique Clocks.

In the spirit of the Young Guns movement, this important event in the fairs calendar has offered this young but successful duo of dealers their first outing as fully fledged fair exhibitors. Sharing the experience with their fellow Young Guns has been the incentive they both needed to exhibit at a major fair.

Chris Oxley has selected two very handsome long case clocks from the rather important collection that forms the inventory at PA Oxley Antique Clocks, a family firm since 1971. Image shows an excellent 17th century floral marquetry antique longcase clock by Thomas Bridge of London.

The 8 day duration movement with count wheel hourly strike on a bell. The 11" square brass dial with well cut blued steel hands, silvered brass chapter ring and matted centre with an engraving of The Three Crowns surrounding the date aperture. Also showing seconds, ringed winding holes and brass spandrels to each corner, priced at £32,500.

Natalie will be showing collectible silver including a silver mini compact by Aspreys, Birmingham dated 1919, priced at £95.00.

For tickets and times see Antiques for Everyone web site via TRADE INDEX

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