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MyAntiqueSchool, the world's first online antiques school has seen increased interest from its online community in learning more, following the economic climate influenced by Brexit. Interest in particular has come from the US, as a result of the pound dropping.

To further confirm this added interest, top names from the US and UK are signing up to teach new courses, including US Antiques Roadshow expert, David Rago, and Judith Miller, author of the Miller's guides.

MyAntiqueSchool has announced its latest courses (going live in July 2016), with personal tuition from leading arts and antiques experts, including;

Marc Allum: Buying Art and Antiques for Interior Design - Leading arts & antiques specialists and regular on the Antiques Roadshow Marc, teaches students how to combine the classic with the modern to create truly original interiors, whether you’re a professional interior designer or designing your own home.

Mark Hill: Mid-Century Modern Design - On this course students learn about the design style and influencers in the highly collectible Mid-Century Design Period with personal tuition from Mark Hill expert dealer, author and broadcaster.

David Rago: The Arts & Crafts Movement in the US - Taught by one of the leading experts from the US Antiques Roadshow, students can get a rare insight into one of the most influential design movements of recent times and how to spot good arts and crafts items for collection or for resale whether ceramics, wrought metal or furniture.

The beauty of MyAntiqueSchool's exclusively online and interactive manner of delivery, is that it gives students access to courses and world-class experts that they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.  Prices range from £100 for taster sessions, to over £1000 for in-depth courses.

July 2016 also marked the launch of the MyAntiqueSchool forum, allowing enthusiasts and professionals to hold discussions with fellow collectors worldwide.

Elspeth Briscoe, founder and CEO of MyAntiqueSchool says: "MyOnlineSchool solves an important problem for globally disparate enthusiasts in fragmented industries like antiques and horticulture. These industries (and 100s of others) have literally millions of people passionate about niche topics, but who can't easily get access to experts nor unite with one another in a single sharing community. We are giving enthusiasts a thriving place to connect, wherever they are in the world. A place where not only can they share questions and answers on a peer to peer basis, but also connect with wordclass experts who they'd never normally meet. I've always been passionate that the internet could be used more effectively to unite people who are driven by a shared interest or cause. MyOnlineSchool is the perfect place for these niche communities to aggregate, as we have the experts, a unique classroom, and now an area where everyone can share questions and answers. See you in the virtual MyOnlineSchool cafes.”

To find out more, visit MyAntiqueSchool.