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Lorfords Antiques have announced they are taking on a vast new selling space at one of their existing hangars at Babdown Airfield near Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Lorfords Antiques has been a fixture of the English antiques trade map for ten years but the last two years have catapulted the business into a whole new league. 

Co director with Lesley Ferguson, Toby Lorford, takes a view on life – go large or go home and just cannot help himself with a serious empire building habit and what started 10 years ago as a stylish choreographed showroom in a former bus depot on the high street in one of England’s most desirable antiques shopping hubs, Tetbury, has developed amoeba like into an additional and rather remarkable collective of more than thirty renowned dealers in 2 aircraft hangars on a former WW2 Air Force base, Babdown, just a couple of miles from the town centre of Tetbury.

Lorfords Antiques

Lesley Ferguson inspecting the new Hangar Two back in 2014

The two hangars at this unrivalled location, which has recently been described by a visiting trade grandee as “the only show in town”, have become the talk of the trade not least because they are doing the business.  Their investment in an industry standard website has paid off and the dealers already on site are keen for more space and there are frequent requests to join from members of the trade both in the UK and Europe.

Space is key when you have ideas to make Lorfords a unique one stop call for antiques, Mid Century, contemporary design from their own Created range, designed and made in the Cotswolds, and more – think in-house top class upholsterer and restorer, on site interior design studio and photographer.  The original Hangar Two was acquired in November 2014 and in May 2015 they acquired half of another hangar across the airfield, Hangar One with space over 2 floors.

Hangar showrooms at Babdown 2015

The new space is the second half of Hangar One, again over 2 floors but part of this space will have a full and very dramatic ceiling height for the central zone of stands with a gallery mezzanine running around the 2 side walls. Work is starting in mid December 2015 and the showrooms are planned to be open for business at the beginning of March 2016. 

A number of the resident dealers at Lorfords have quickly snapped up some of the very large stands – c 75sq meters, and enquiries are being fielded on the remaining space because the layout is being defined.  The space will be divided into areas of diverse style and atmosphere with some full height runway size spaces, some more intimate moody areas, an art gallery space and some more conventional showrooms along the mezzanine gallery areas.

One confirmed new name moving into the original Hangar Two in 2016 can be revealed - Drew Pritchard made a flying visit in October and was immediately seduced by the scale of the building and decided to bring a collection of his blend of decorative salvage and antiques to The Cotswolds.  Toby and Lesley told ANF: "We are looking forward to welcoming Drew to Babdown, he is an old friend and will be a perfect addition to the mix we have here."

Names of confirmed dealers will be announced nearer the launch date.  Enquiries to Toby Lorford at Lorfords Antiques.

Lorfords Antiques