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The three founders of the fast growing and high profile organisation Antiques Young Guns – AYG, announce a change of direction.  Editor ANF, Gail McLeod and colleagues Mark Hill and George Johnson have confirmed that from  November 2015, the management of the organisation will be taken over by a committee of AYG members – a star chamber of young and ambitious AYGs working in the antiques trade across various sectors, who have eagerly grasped this opportunity to take control of a respected and now international organisation.

The chairman of the new committee will be Joseph Trinder, who at just 22 years of age is an established and successful auctioneer at Wotton Salerooms, Gloucestershire.  Joe has made a name for himself in the ranks of AYG by working towards a membership collaboration with NAVA, The National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers, of which is he vice chairman. 

Joseph Trinder: “Antiques Young Guns is a unique force for good within our diverse and multi-faceted sector, championing and encouraging the remarkable talent and passion shown in it’s up and coming generation of young professionals.  AYG provides an unprecedented service to its ever-growing membership, delivering opportunities and recognition whilst promoting unity and collaboration to the industry’s brightest lights.  I am delighted and humbled to hold this position and look forward to working alongside the committee to take AYG into the future, building on the superb and selfless work of our founding three.

The 3 founders explain that although delighted by the success of this now very high profile organisation, they had no idea 3 years ago how much the project would consume their lives and with their own business interests to consider they had to take action to ensure the continued expansion of the successful movement.

Gail, Mark and George will retain ownership of the organisation and the management committee will be reviewed in November 2016.

A formal handover to the new committee with photo call will take place at Antiques for Everyone at the NEC Birmingham at 12pm on Saturday 21 November, 2015 courtesy of the organisers Mary Claire Boyd and Dan Leyland.

Gail McLeod:  “We have made the decision to hand the management over for the very simple reason that the 3 of us are extremely committed with our own business interests and although we are overjoyed at the exponential growth of AYG, I don’t think any of us realised how big it would become and how much work would be needed to feed the beast that is AYG! We are now collaborating with the largest event company in the US, U.S. Antique Shows, who have taken a licence to run AYG across the Pond and we have European members and interest from European media who are keen to be involved.“

George Johnson: “It has been an honour to see our baby grow up over the last four or so years. Antiques Young Guns has surpassed all our wishes for it and has become an international force for encouraging and helping young antiques trade professionals during a time when it is much needed."

The remaining line up on the AYG management committee will be:

•    Edd Thomas- Eddintheclouds Antiques  
•    Jason Clarke - Jason Clarke Antiques
•    James Gooch, current AYG of the Year - Doe & Hope Antiques
•    Marika Clemow - Head of products and services - ATG Media
•    Tim Medhurst - Auctioneer - Dukes Salerooms

This committee will be built on going forward with the addition of other members to manage various sub committees for special events as they arise including Antiques Young Gun of the Year – which will culminate with an awards ceremony now taking place in April 2016 at the Spring Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, Battersea by courtesy of the owner of the fair, David Juran.

What did the new committee have to say?

Edd Thomas

Edd Thomas "Young guns has opened so many doors for me already, so I'm very pleased to be able to join the committee to help seek out even more opportunities for all its members."

Marika Clemow

Marika Clemow: “I’m delighted to be working with the Antiques Young Guns committee to promote sharing ideas, innovation and embracing new technologies in our industry to reach new markets.”

Jason Clarke 

Jason Clarke:  With all the support and benefits I have received from the Antiques Young Guns Team, I am delighted to be asked to be involved in the AYG Committee and its continuing success.”

James Gooch

James Gooch, reigning AYG of the Year: “I am delighted to join the committee and help progress the work laid down by the founders.”

Tim Medhurst

Timothy Medhurst – AYG of the Year 2013 - "I am delighted to have been asked to be on the committee for the Antique Young Guns. The antiques business as a whole really needs to get together and welcome new and fresh faces. The business whether a dealer or auctioneer is far from dead. I know I speak for everyone in the business my age when I say, we have our whole careers ahead of us, doing what we love and enjoy every day."